Want To Know The Fastest Way To Go From 
"I Don't Know What I Don't Know"
to a Revenue Generating, Amazon Crushing, Customer Loyalty Building, DigitalBranch?
Over $11,000 in Value
FROM: Justin King (founder)
RE: Why We Offer the DigitalBranch
Most of my peers think I am crazy to give all of our best ideas to distributors using this platform instead of charging by the hour. They constantly tell me I give away way too much information. Maybe they are right, but I don't think so. I think this is the future of agencies - practicing what we preach. Delivering value ONLINE.
I believe that this message, this system, these ideas, these best practices need to be shared to EVERY DISTRIBUTOR in the United States.

I am a teacher and coach at the end of the day and yes, I have heard that you hate consultants...

I am passionate about helping small and mid-sized distributors beat Amazon and the other competitors. So, you get all of our best ideas, our best products, and our best teaching and coaching.

Also, yes, there is an ulterior motive. I do believe that when you do have a project that you can't do yourself, you will "phone a friend" and you will pick up the phone and call us. But even if you don't - this is an incredible platform and I will help you with whatever I can.

Justin King
What You Get (Over $15,800 in Value):
  •  Digital Branch Training: Take our thousands of hours of learning simplified for you and your team. Immediate access to over 7 in depth modules

  • FREE Master Classes: Regular in depth master classes on relevant topics (analytics, SEO, customer adoption, etc.) 

  •  Office Hours: Meet regularly with Justin King and the B2X team in Office Hours. Ask them questions, get their feedback! 

  •  Community: Facebook Group for B2B eCommerce enthusiasts
Nice things said about the DigitalBranch
"The DigitalBranch Incubator is a resource we didn’t even know was missing. It will be a bedrock tool for management to build their strategic understanding and for my eCommerce team to have the training, tools, and up-to-date information to really drive and optimize our own DigitalBranch."
- Les Johnson, CIO North Coast Electric
The X eCommerce System (XES)
B2X Partners, a leading digital agency focused on B2B e-commerce for the independent distributor, launched the DigitalBranch- Incubator, an  education and training portal designed to serve all people working to drive e-commerce teams for industrial distributors.

This new platform fills a crucial gap that we kept hearing from customers and partners - 'we don't know what we don't know' when it comes to B2B e-commerce, There are few resources and communities focused on educating distributors how to go digital. This is a different kind of site - one that is 100% dedicated to helping independent distributors stay up-to-date and competitive in this rapidly evolving digital market. 

While we provide the expertise and knowledge, our primary focus is serving our customers - and their specific needs and opportunities that will continue to drive the content and services. We are serving the individuals who are driving the distribution business - from the key stakeholders to day-to-day practitioners. The DigitalBranch'" Incubator provides continual education, focused training and webcasts, insights into e-commerce platforms, trends and news. Everything we create is designed to be relevant, concrete and actionable. Our goal is to help make every single member's job easier, clearer and forward-focused.

I hope you see the vision that we do.

 Distributors CAN compete and beat Amazon and the National Distributors, but you need help. If you have any questions at all, reach out to us at

Justin King
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